Sunday Seminar Series

The MCR is a distinctively scholarly community, and one of the great benefits it offers to our members is the chance to share work with each other and learn about interesting subjects beyond our own disciplines, to become more well-rounded and broadly educated. To that end, we hold a range of academic events throughout the year - a highlight being the fortnightly Sunday Seminar Series. 

Castle Sunday Seminars 

Fortnightly during term time, MCR members are invited to give talks of approximately ten minutes, followed by questions, to an audience of other MCR members in a very casual and encouraging atmosphere in the MCR.


The subject is anything related to their work – e.g. an introduction to the field or their methodology, or a discussion of a recent finding or paper of theirs – and the audience will, of course, be primarily non-specialists from a range of disciplines.


Free wine is provided at these events, and they are a great way of hearing about what other MCR members are studying and researching. Follow the series on facebook here!



Inter-MCR Sunday Seminars

Once per term, Castle MCR arranges an Inter-MCR Seminar between Castle and another College at the University. New to this year, it has already proven to be a successful event, with more planned for the future!


At Castle MCR, we firmly believe in creating a relaxed atmosphere where people are encouraged to share their Academic work with the broader college community, and the Inter-MCR Seminar provides a great platform for this.