Castle Formals are an incredibly fun social event that you should definitely make the most of during your time here in the Middle Common Room (MCR). They can, however, seem bizarre before you get used to them, but don’t let this put you off! Hopefully this document will clarify the rules and customs so that you can fully enjoy this tradition.

The Basics

  • Three-course dinner held during term every Thursday in the great hall, to which academic dress is worn (see dress code below)

  • Starts at 18:57 - do not be late! If you arrive after the doors to the Great Hall have been shut (at 18:57), you won’t be allowed in.

  • The Junior Common Room (JCR) sit at Low Table (the first three rows of tables as you enter the great hall through the main entrance) and the Senior Common Room (SCR) sit at High Table towards the back of the hall. 

  • The MCR sits at Low-High Table (the three tables positioned between Low Table and High Table) 

  • No phones! Any texting or photography could get you fined!

  • You must remain seated until either the first break (at roughly 19:45 after the main course has been finished) or after dessert when the JCR and MCR executives have bowed out. It is advisable to go to the toilet before dinner!


Full Rules and Guide

An in-depth guide to the rules and everything associated with formals is available here.