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MCR Executive Committee

The MCR is run by an Executive Committee (often simply called the ‘Exec’) composed of eight postgraduates. They are here to serve the MCR community, organising events for its members, represent them to the College and University, and oversee the day-to-day running of the MCR. If you ever have any need for them or wish to make comments or suggestions, they are always happy to receive them. 

Nick Spong

Nick is a PhD student in Physics. As President, he is responsible for the overall running of the MCR. It is his job to represent the views and opinions of Castle's postgraduate community. This involves communicating with the Junior and Senior Common Rooms, College Council and the University. 

Sophie Draper
Social Chair

As Social Chair, Sophie's chief responsibility is to create a varied social calendar that spans the course of the year. She is also in charge of coordinating MCR involvement in wider college events. Sophie may be contacted at

Dean Slack

Dean is a 1st Year PhD Student in the Computer Science Department. As Secretary, his role within the MCR involves the publication of the weekly newsletter, maintenance of the MCR website, taking minutes during MCR meetings, and overseeing the Thursday Formal sign-up. Dean may be contacted at

Mutong Han
Welfare Officer

As the MCR Welfare Officer, together with the Welfare Committee, Mutong's responsibility is to hold various events and drop-in sessions to maintain student wellbeing and raise awareness of the issues students might be struggling with. She may be contacted at

Sahil Kumar

As Treasurer, Sahil is responsible for the sound administration of the MCR's finances. He is also responsible for supervising the MCR bank account and acting as a co-signatory alongside the President. Sahil may be contacted at 

Grace Worsley
Ball Chair

Grace's role as Ball Chair is to oversee the organisation of the MCR’s annual Charity Ball. She has a number of duties including arranging meetings, booking entertainment and ensuring the smooth running of the event. Grace may be contacted at

Vicky Fawcett
Academic Officer

Vicky is a 2nd year PhD student studying Physics and Astronomy. Her role as Academic Officer is to oversee the organisation of the MCR’s annual Castle Conference. She has a number of duties including arranging meetings, planning, organisation, communication, and ensuring the smooth running of the event. 

Benedict Jones
CCA Representative

As the CCA (Castle Community Action) Rep, Benedict is responsible for working with the CCA Executive Committee to keep MCR Members informed about community outreach and volunteering opportunities in the Durham area. Together with the CCA Committee, they run weekly events such as helping the homeless with meals, elderly care and volunteering with primary and secondary school students! Benedict may be contacted at