MCR Executive Committee

The MCR is run by an Executive Committee (often simply called the ‘Exec’) composed from its own members. They are here to serve the MCR community, organising events for its members, represent them to the College and University, and oversee the day-to-day running of the MCR. If you ever have any need for them or wish to make comments or suggestions, they are always happy to receive them. 

Vicky Fawcett

Hello, I'm Vicky Fawcett, a second-year Astronomy PhD student. As President, I'm responsible for the overall running of the MCR and the representation of our members. We are always happy to hear feedback on how we can improve the running of the MCR so please feel free to get in touch! I am looking forward to this year's events and meeting everyone. 🙂

Pronouns: She/her.

Yvonne Teo

Hey Everyone 🙂 I’m Yvonne Teo, a final-year Music Theory PhD student. As Treasurer, I’m responsible for the finances of the MCR. Do feel free to get in touch if you have any ideas about how we can better improve our lively and vibrant community! I’m looking forward to 2020/21 and to meet everyone!

Alexandra Dedio
Social Chair

Hi everyone! I’m Alex, an MSc Management student and the MCR Social Chair.

I am responsible for planning, organising, and running the MCR’s range of social events and celebrations throughout the year. I also chair a Social Committee who help me with the planning process. If you would like to get involved in the Social Committee or have feedback, questions, or suggestions for future events, please feel free to reach out - I’m always open to new ideas and happy to chat! I look forward to meeting you all soon.


Katy Hartley
Vice President

Hi everyone! My name is Katy and I’m a second year Astronomy PhD student and the MCR secretary. No doubt you will be hearing a lot from me in the weekly MCR newsletter! I also take the Exec meeting minutes and am in charge of passing on your anonymous feedback. I’m looking forward to getting to meet you all!  

Katie Greenbank
Welfare Officer

Hi everyone! I’m Katie Greenbank, an MA English Literature student. As Welfare Officer, I am responsible for supporting the physical and mental wellbeing of MCR members. This involves listening to students’ concerns at regular welfare drop-ins and chairing the Welfare Committee, which organises relaxed social events and co-ordinates welfare campaigns. If you’d like to be involved in the Welfare Committee or have any suggestions for improving the wellbeing of MCR members, please get in touch. I look forward to meeting you all soon.

Luis Carlos Jimenez Diaz

I'm Luis Jimenez-Diaz and happy to serve as the steward of the middle common room. Welcome to the Castle, your home!! I'm fortunate to be part of the Castle community for the last 2 years of my PhD in Engineering and hope you enjoy being part of castle college as I have. 

Aidan Bracebridge
Academic Officer

Hi everyone, I’m Aidan Bracebridge an English Literature MA student. As Academic Officer, my role primarily involves chairing the Academic Committee responsible for running the MCR’s lively academic programme throughout the year. This includes the Sunday Seminar series in which MCR members present their current research, the Castle to Careers series featuring talks from Castle alumni about their post-Castle life and the prestigious annual Castle Conference. This year I will also be overseeing the creation of the exciting new Castle Academic Journal. Whether presenting your research, organising Castle Conference or designing the new journal there is a place for every member of the MCR to take part in Castle’s Academic life. Please send me a message and/or join the Academic Committee if you would like to get involved in any way!


Pronouns he/him

Anton Botha
Internal Affairs Officer

Hello, I'm Anton Botha, a second-year PhD student in Applied Social Sciences. Originally, from South Africa, I now call Castle and the world my home. As MCR Internal Affairs Officer I independently advise the Executive Committee on various matters. I am also responsible for the administration of our MCR elections. You'll hear from me time-to-time about votes, be it to fill executive posts or make changes to our Standing Orders. If you see me around Castle feel free to come and say hello, though be warned, I may drag you off for a sherry or two!

Benedict Jones
Charities Officer

As the CCA (Castle Community Action) Rep, Benedict is responsible for working with the CCA Executive Committee to keep MCR Members informed about community outreach and volunteering opportunities in the Durham area. Together with the CCA Committee, they run weekly events such as helping the homeless with meals, elderly care and volunteering with primary and secondary school students! Benedict may be contacted at

Dean Slack
MCR Adviser

Hi, I'm Dean, a second-year PhD student studying Computer Science. I've been on the Exec for the past 2 years, previously as the MCR Secretary, and as the longest-serving member I currently act as Advisor to the MCR Exec. For any questions MCR or Durham related, I'm always happy to help! I can be contacted at

(Currently Vacant)
Ball Chair
(Currently Vacant)
Bar Chair