Throughout the induction or ‘freshers’ period, the MCR Executive Committee (Exec) and our dedicated team of Freps (Freshers’ representatives) will launch the academic year with a huge range of events! We will be on hand to welcome and support you whilst you settle into Castle and get to know Durham University and this wonderful city!
We cannot wait to launch our full events calendar with you spanning
22nd September - 3rd October 2021.
For now, here's some FAQs we've been
receiving from our incoming postgraduates


Q: Are gowns required at Castle?

A: Gowns are required for matriculation and for weekly formals during term time. 

Q: How much are gowns?

A: Gowns cost £53 for a new gown or £35 for a used gown for MCR Members. We will be selling these during induction week.

Q: How much is MCR Membership

A: It is £50 and you get a HUGE range of perks for this! Find out what you get with MCR Membership here

Q: Would you recommend Durham Castle Society Membership?

A:The Castle Society is essentially the alumni network - gives you access to alum events, discounts and the Castellum newsletter; you can have a look at to find out more. It's only £10 to sign up and a decent amount of that goes straight back into Castle right away; they've funded a fair few improvements to the MCR in the past.

Q: Will we get to hang out in the Castle and its spaces occasionally?

A: Yes, you will get to hang out in Castle a lot through events like formals, balls and Sunday Seminars! Especially as we have our own postgrad (Castle MCR only) room in Castle! It's a really nice space for studying and socials, more info about our room is here:

Q: Is there a printer in college?

A: Yes , there is a printer in the Computer Room of Castle (near the Lowe Library). We are also in the process of getting a printer for the MCR Room for members to use!