Feedback / Suggestions

The executive committee always welcomes feedback. If you have any constructive comments or suggestions (of any kind, be these suggestion for events, or how the community could be improved as a whole) that you would like to see implemented by the MCR please do make your voice heard using the form below. If you would like to remain anonymous with your comments feel free to fill the name box in as "anonymous".

Who Should I Contact?

  1. Suggestions for the running of the MCR? 
    Use the form below or direct message us on our Instagram or Facebook. Please note: all responses on this form will be seen by a member of the Executive Committee, it is not designed for welfare-related concerns. For those, please use the form signposted.

2. Specific questions about an aspect of the MCR (e.g. Social, Academic, Ball etc.)?
Contact a relevant member of the Executive Committee directly! Their names and emails can be found here:


3.  A welfare-based issue (about yourself or someone else, including how another person is treating you). Please use the following:


​You can also...