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MCR President's welcome

Dear Postgraduates,

Here’s to another exciting year! As President of Castle MCR, I am so excited to welcome you to our brilliant college, lovingly known as Castle. Situated in an UNESCO historical site with its rich heritage and surroundings, Castle MCR is a welcoming and cosy common room for many students from around the world.


The Middle Common Room (MCR) is a diverse and welcoming community of postgraduate students. The Freshers' Week and Frextra programme provides a taster of what is to come for this brilliant year, and you can join a wide range of quality events,  activities, sports teams and societies. This includes welfare events, socials, formals, balls and much more. In a nutshell, there is always something for everybody!


I would also like to thank the Castle MCR Executive Committee and the Frep Team in delivering a freshers' program that is exhilarating, engaging and enjoyable. We aim to ensure all new Castle Postgraduates have the best experience they can during our Freshers' Week and Frextra, and most importantly, throughout this academic year. On behalf of Castle MCR, we hope you enjoy your time here with us.


We would love to see your active participation in the operations of Castle MCR, by joining a committee or running for an exec position. If you have any questions, please reach out to me!

I look forward to meeting you all in September!


Sian Bell

President, Castle MCR

Welcome, international students!

Dear International Students,

As a fellow international student, I would like to warmly welcome postgrad students around the world to the wonderful city of Durham! I couldn't be more excited to meet you all!


Whether this is your first year living abroad or you have started this process many times before, it can always be a bit daunting moving to a new place and joining a new institution. Castle MCR and the wider college community is here to help you along, from moving in all the way to graduation we are here to provide support. If you are struggling at any point throughout the year, we provide the resources and guidance you deserve. Remember, you are not alone. We are here for you.


Together, we strive to make our Castle community a welcoming and respectful place, were you quickly feel a sense belonging.Throughout the year we host numerous events that celebrate the cultures of our diverse membership and allow you to connect with each other.

If you need anything, please do not hesitate to reach out to members of the MCR or the College Office.


I look forward to meeting you throughout the course of Freshers’ Week and Frextra 2023 and wishing you all the best in the upcoming academic year!

Leonie Stüssi

Interim Vice President and International Officer (Outgoing), Castle MCR

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