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Our Freshers' Representatives (Freps)


Dana Allan

Preferred name: Dana

Preferred pronouns: Any pronouns

Subject: PhD Archaeology

Best advice for incoming Freshers: Pick up your student card as soon as it's available, so many places have student discounts, and every bit of savings helps! 

Best place for brunch: Flat White - flat white - go on a weekday when the line is shorter, but it's definitely worth the visit at least once while you're in Durham! 


Sonia M. Guerinni

Preferred name: Sonia

Preferred pronouns: She/her

Subject: PhD Archaeology

Best advice for incoming Freshers: Good balance between work and free time!

Best place for walk: Finchale Priory


Jamie Guest

Preferred name: Jamie

Preferred pronouns: He/him

Subject: PhD Chemistry

Best advice for incoming Freshers: Make yourself a part of the Castle community, explore Durham and it's local culture and history.

Best place for brunch: Riverview kitchen or Flat White Kitchen


Isabella Hanger

Preferred name: Bella

Preferred pronouns: She/her

Subject: MA Medieval and Early Modern Studies

Best advice for incoming Freshers: Sign up for that thing that you've always wanted to do but have been nervous to try! Uni is such a fantastic place to take advantage of trying new sports and hobbies as there are always other beginners.

Best place for brunch: Leonard's Coffee House on Back Silver St. A hidden gem!


Edwin Herrera-Chacon

Preferred name: Edwin

Preferred pronouns: he/him

Subject: PhD in Physics

Best advice for incoming Freshers: Get involved with The Castle Community as much as you can; there are many activities you can participate in. The diversity of people is wonderful, and you will find very nice individuals to connect with

Best peaceful places:

The two Chapels in The Castle and the Wharton Park viewpoint

Belén Mattos Castañeda - Welfare Officer.jpeg

Belén Mattos-Castañeda 

Preferred name: Belén

Preferred pronouns: She/Her

Subject: PhD in Law

Best advice for incoming Freshers: Find people with common interests! 

Best place for brunch (recent discovery for me): Leonard's House


Ashley Ng

Preferred name: Ashley 😊

Preferred pronouns: She/Her

Subject: MSc Behavioural Science Psychology

Best advice for incoming Freshers: Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone to explore new things in Durham! Everyone is really friendly and helpful here x

Best place for brunch: Flat white basic lol


Lottie Thompson

Preferred name: Lottie

Preferred pronouns: She/Her

Subject: PhD in English Literature (Medieval)

Best advice for incoming Freshers: Use your time here as an opportunity to try something new and get involved!


Best Pub in Durham: The Swan and Three Cygnets

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