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Getting started

Castle MCR would like to extend our warmest congratulations to Castle offer holders, and welcome to the Castle MCR family!

Please take some time to familiarise yourself with the essential information, by visiting our Documents, New Students and Membership webpage. In particular, you will find on the 'Documents' section, our most up-to-date version of the MCR's own official handbook.

To start off the year, the MCR Executive Committee (Exec) and our dedicated team of Freps (Freshers' Representatives) are working hard in planning the Freshers' Week and Freshers' Week Extra (Frextra).


We will be on hand to welcome and support you while you settle into Castle, meet your community, and get to know Durham and the University.

Social Media Updates

We will be publishing Freshers' Week and Frextra events and updates on our calendar, and on our social media platforms. For the latest updates, please follow us on our social media platforms!

Facebook Page:

Facebook Group for Freshers 2023-24:

Instagram: @castlemcrdurham

Threads: @castlemcrdurham


WeChat 微信:

To join the WeChat group chat, please contact our Steward, William.

如想加入微信群组, 请联系王悦达 William @vachercn /

University College Contacts

University College Student Support:


President of Castle MCR:


Executive Committee:


Castle Porter’s Lodge:

+44 (0) 1913 343800

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