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Junior Mentors

Junior Mentors are current MCR members at Castle who have volunteered to provide extra academic help or advice to any undergraduates, i.e. JCR members, who feel it would benefit them. The aim is to aid students who are struggling with their studies - providing support, confidence building, and extra tuition as required.

Junior Mentors will either be contacted by interested JCR members directly or put in touch with potential mentees through College Office, and can take on as many or as few students as they like.


What they offer will vary depending on what the JCR member in question needs, from meeting up once for a casual chat to help them understand how to do a specific set problem or to discuss an essay, to regular formalised tutoring to help them catch up on lectures they missed or work they’re falling behind with. Junior Mentors can also be contacted for help and advice on module choices, careers, and most other academic matters – basically, they are there to offer their knowledge and recent experience (having in many cases been in a similar position to that of JCR members only a few years ago) in whatever way it’s most helpful.


This voluntary system offers a great opportunity for postgraduates who are in the early stage of their career, particularly those who aspire to become academics. Working with undergraduates in a pastoral and tutorial role will provide skills and experience that will prove invaluable later in your career.


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