Durham Castle Conference 2021:

Power, Privilege and Possible Futures

Durham Castle Conference is an annual interdisciplinary conference organised by Castle MCR’s Academic Committee to showcase postgraduate research from across the North-East of England. It addresses a broad theme, applicable across disciplines. As well as displaying postgraduate research, the conference includes a keynote speech and a panel discussion related to the theme. The panellists and keynote speaker invited to take part are those with academic or public expertise/experience in the chosen area.

University College Durham are really excited to announce Castle Conference 2021, our annual interdisciplinary postgraduate conference showcasing postgraduate research from across the North of England and Scotland, alongside an expert panel discussion and a keynote speech. The conference will be held online on the 4th and 5th June. Attendance is free and open to all, although we encourage optional donations as the conference is also raising money for The Black Curriculum.

The theme for Castle Conference 2021 is Power, Privilege and Possible Futures. Through this, the conference will consider the urgent societal need to address the inequalities of resources and opportunities highlighted by the recent Black Lives Matter protests and the need to decolonise our own institutional spaces. At the same time, the conference will engage wider academic conversations about a range of broad issues relating to the theme.

Call for submissions

We are seeking submissions relating to any one, or any combination, of ‘Power’, ‘Privilege’, and/or ‘Possible Futures’ and encourage people to be creative in their interpretation of the theme. Presentations can be tied to a completed piece of work or ongoing research. There is no requirement to submit a written paper alongside the presentation but if you would like to do so there is an opportunity to have your work published in the new Castle Academic Journal.


Submissions are open for two categories: Standard Presentations and Flash Presentations. Standard Presentations are 15 minute live presentations followed by a short audience Q&A. Flash Presentations are 1 minute pre-recorded presentations accompanied by a poster, which will be displayed throughout the conference in an online gallery.

Signups for Castle Conference 2021 are free and are now open for both speakers and audience members. For more information, please visit our Eventbrite page:


New Castle Academic Journal

New this year, the MCR are creating an interdisciplinary Castle Academic Journal to showcase the wide range of exciting research being conducted across the college. We are now seeking submissions from Postgraduate Research, Postgraduate Taught and Final Year Undergraduate students at Castle for the very first edition of the journal. There will also be a section dedicated to research presented at Castle Conference 2021. Submissions may be in the form of either a short academic research paper or a research poster. They can consider any academic topic and should be between 2,000 and 4,000 words (excluding graphs and tables) for the research paper or a single side for the poster. This submission may replicate or be adapted from work submitted or published elsewhere. You may also wish to bear in mind that this journal is aimed at an interdisciplinary, non-subject specialist audience.


The deadline for the submission of abstracts is Monday 26th April. Full papers from successful submissions will be due by Monday 10th May.


Please complete this form by Monday 26th April if you would like to submit your work for consideration: