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Durham Castle Society

The Durham Castle Society (DCS) was formed as the Durham Castlemen's Society in 1947 by a group of Castlemen who had been at College just before the Second World War. When women were admitted to the College in 1987 the name was changed to the Durham Castle Society. Its aim is to ensure regular support for and contact with the College and its resident students. Anyone with academic connections to the College is eligible to join the Society, and everyone who graduates with a degree from Castle automatically becomes a member (having paid the membership fee during their time at Castle).

To find out more about DCS, please visit the DCS website here.


The focal point of the Society is its annual reunion in Durham every September. At this meeting the Society's business is transacted, the Annual Reunion Dinner is held and members have the opportunity to meet, mix, and reminisce. Each year the Society publishes a magazine, Castellum, to stimulate interest in the Society and the College and to provide members with details of current College matters, and news of the whereabouts and achievements of members.


The Society has the well-being of the College at heart. Not only did the Society fund this website, over the years it has made donations to the library, the Chapel, the College Prize Fund, and the boat club. The Society also raised money for the Moatside Court accommodation block, the Garden Stairs & Fellows Garden project, and for the West Courtyard renovation. As a vehicle for funding improvements, the University College Durham Trust was established in 1990 with the specific aim of establishing an endowment fund for the benefit of the College.

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