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Stash particular to the MCR is managed by the MCR Treasurer Robert Leigh, please e-mail for orders. Items are available individually, or in pre-defined sets, which are cheaper to purchase than buying these items separately. Items can be sent across the UK, postage fees will be added to your bill.

MCR lapel badge 


MCR cufflinks 


MCR hip flask 


MCR wool scarf 


MCR silk scarf 


MCR bow tie


MCR tie


MCR water bottle £3.50

32 GB MCR USB stick £6.50

MCR Marrow Coffee Mug £4

MCR ballpoint Parker pen £7.50

MCR Starter Pack:

USB stick, mug, water bottle and pen


MCR Gift Set:

mug and Parker pen


MCR Formal Set:

tie, lapel badge and cufflinks