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Castle MCR is built upon a vibrant and transparent democracy that emphasises accountability in the collective decision-making process of the Executive Committee. By making these documents publicly, members can understand more about the operations and decisions made by Castle MCR.

The Freshers' Week and Frextra programme provides a taster of what is to come for this brilliant year, with a wide range of quality events you can join. 

Being a member of University College is an honour and privilege out of which arises certain commensurate responsibilities. As such, members of the University College Middle Common Room must strive to act in accordance with the obligations arising from the august history and tradition of our Common Room, College, and University.

Formals are an incredibly fun social event that you should definitely make the most of during your time at Castle. They can, however, seem bizarre before you get used to them, but don’t let this put you off! Hopefully this document will clarify the rules and traditions so that you can enjoy attending formals at ease. 

The Standing Orders deal with the structure of the MCR, the roles of the Officers, how meetings work, etc. Last updated in May 2023.

This document presents the most recent changes to the MCR standing orders, which were ratified on 26th April 2023 following the Epiphany 2023 Ordinary General Meeting and Referendum.

If you have any questions, please contact: 

The History of the Standing Orders explains the points in time in which major changes were made to the standing orders.

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