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Maurice E. Tucker Room 

Located within the walls of the castle, at the foot of the Keep, the Maurice E. Tucker room (often simply referred to as ‘The MCR’) is the hub of postgraduate life in college, a regal, smart and comfortable space in which to socialise, relax or work, 24 hours a day. Access to the MCR is gained by signing out the key from the Porters’ Lodge, using your campus card as a deposit. If for any reason you have to leave the room, please ensure that everything is locked.

As the building is one of the UK's only living Castles, there may be major events on like weddings or balls that restrict your access to the MCR room.

Please keep an eye on updates from the MCR Steward as to when it may be closed!

The Room's Facilities:

  • University Wi-Fi

  • Study spaces

  • Free Tea and Coffee

  • Flat Screen Television

  • Nintendo Wii

  • DVD Player

  • Upright Piano

  • Comfy sofas and chairs

  • Board Games

  • Welfare Supplies

  • Garden Games

  • Art & craft supplies

  • Croquet Set

  • Academic Gowns

  • Wine bar

The following are locked away but can be opened by an Exec member, just let us know!

The Room's History

The Maurice Tucker Room is named for Maurice Edwin Tucker, Master of University College, 1998-2011. Professor Tucker was himself a former undergraduate at Castle (1965-1968), later returning to Durham to lecture in Geology, with a focus on limestone. In his time, he oversaw the formal establishment of the Middle Common Room (1999), the great expansion of our community (from c. 30 members to more than 150), and the enhancement of a large number of postgraduate facilities and wider inclusion in college life. His portrait can be seen in the Great Hall, across from the entrance to the Black Stairs.

The MCR is also home to Durham's largest crest collection where you can spot Durham College's new and old, including another large University which split off from Durham University in 1963

There are lots of period, as well as unusual, ornaments and features in the room that have been donated by previous MCR Members over the years. Some of these include: 

  • Our cute Non-Snowbis-Solum Snow Leopard, our sponsored WWF animal...

  • A framed illustration of the Keep from a 2019 Fresher who turned into a rather notorious Exec Member...

  • One shield crest from the 'University College Weed & Read' Society (make of that what you will)...

  • A little Velociraptor, marking the number of days since the last Internal Affairs intervention 'a raptor event'...

I wonder what mysteries you'll uncover in this much loved space...

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