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MCR Membership Benefits

To purchase your membership for 2023-24, please click here.

Accessing the MCR Room

The use of the Maurice Tucker Room in Castle (aka MCR HQ) for studying and socialising. It is traditional and luxurious oak-panelled room with a variety of facilities - coffee machine, fridge, bar, flat-screen TV and so on.


Find out more about it here.

Accessing our Formals

Do you want to go to gowned formals enjoying a sumptuous three-course dinner in the Great Hall of Castle? With the membership yes you can! Held three times a fortnight, it is incredibly fun and unique, and often feature social events afterwards hosted by the MCR. You can only sign-up for formals if you are an MCR Member on eCommerce.


Find out more about formals here.

Accessing our Socials

You will have access to our program of social events, both in and around Durham and the local area. This includes inter-MCR events (so you can meet PGs from other colleges).


Find out more about our social events here.


You will also have priority and significant discounts to attend larger-scale MCR events - for example, we recently ran a Garden Party with live music and free food and drinks open to all PGs. MCR Member tickets are usually less than half the price of a standard ticket.

Extra Benefits for the Charity Ball

As a Castle MCR member, you will have access to priority and discounted tickets to our annual flagship event, the Castle Charity Ball! In 2023, our Charity Ball is a fairy-tale themed ball, attracting more than 600 students, and was an incredible success. Learn more here.

Academic Exposure

You will have access to the interdisciplinary Castle Conference and our Sunday Seminar series - our last one, 'Power, Privilege and Possible Futures' featured Kehinde Andrews and it's a great opportunity to hear about the research of your fellow PGs as well as showcase your own! It is a very casual and encouraging atmosphere to practice presentation skills and share your research.


It is also a great opportunity to learn about the diverse range of subjects studied at Castle.


Free drinks and snacks are provided at these events.


Learn more about the 2022 Castle Conference here.