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Castle formals are a fantastic community tradition where members of all the three common rooms (JCR, MCR and SCR) come together in the Great Hall of Castle and enjoy a three-course meal with drinks.

The dress code of formals is formal attire (dresses, lounge suits etc.), and black academic gowns are required to be worn throughout the event, as a sign of being part of our diverse community.

Code of Conduct

Formal Timings

Formals will take place in the Great Hall at 7pm. Remember to check your university email for the latest updates regarding the formal you will be attending.


Please make your way into the Great Hall via the Black Stairs Entrance by 6:45pm. You may need to wait in the courtyard due to capacity limits.


Drinks (alcoholic and soft drinks) can be bought before the Formal from the Undercroft Bar. 

The MCR will be closed and locked at 6:50pm.

Entering the Great Hall

When the doors are opened by the Undercroft staff, you may enter the Hall. Formal starts promptly at 7pm. Any attendees that arrive after this time will be refused entry. Refunds are not available for late attendees that are refused entry. A member of the MCR Exec team will lead everyone to the table reserved for the MCR and sit at the exec seat. Please sit promptly at one of the MCR tables (these will be labelled) in an available seat. These are usually towards the front of the Hall, next to High Table.

High Table

Please stand and remain silent when the high table enters and sit down when the Presiding Officer asks you to. Please stand for College Grace. Please remain silent until you sit down.

During the Dinner

Please remain seated for the duration of the Formal, until the Senior Student/MCR President has bowed out to the Principal and has opened the doors at the back of the Hall. Once this has happened, you may rise from your seat and leave the hall if you wish.You are encouraged to remain seated in the Hall throughout Formal, unless you need to leave for your health, wellbeing or comfort. We recommend that you use the toilet before entering Formal. When each food course arrives, wait until the three people across from you and the two people next to you have also been served before starting to eat.

If you need to leave

Please politely call a member of the Undercroft staff over to you by raising your hand. They will be able to escort you out during a suitable time (e.g., when servery staff are not serving). Undercroft staff will also wait for a suitable time to escort you back into the Formal to your seat.

Numbers leaving the Hall at any one time may be monitored. Exceptions for this may include medical reasons or mental health emergencies. If you are in this position, you may leave with another guest. You do not need to disclose any reason for leaving to security staff if you do not wish to.

Dress Code

Formal attire, such as a suit and tie, dress or jumpsuit, with your academic gown. Anyone not in the correct dress code above will be refused entry. These dinners are gowned. Please make sure you buy an academic gown for yourself to attend these dinners. 

Mobile Phones

No phones are allowed to be used while seated in the Great Hall.

Dietary and Allergies

Please make sure you put down any allergies/dietary requirements on the sign-up form. 

The catering team will then adapt your meal accordingly.

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