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Dana Allan &

Dominik Mitterer

MCR Advisor & Co Advisor


Hi everyone! Dana and Dominik are the MCR’s Co-Advisors. Dana has previously held the positions of the MCR President, Social Chair, and acted in the past as Ball Chair. She therefore draws from a wide range of past experiences including the planning and conducting of small and large scale events in castle, working with college office as well as with central university.

Dominik has held for two years the role of the Internal Affairs Officer (IA). As such he acted as informed advisor on Standing Order matters, fair diplomat between conflicting ideas of Exec Officers, and as impartial advocate, who mediated between concerns of the general membership and the Executive Committee. As Co-Advisor he offers an additional IA perspective on issues regarding the MCR’s democratic procedures or Standing Order related issues. If you seek any advice or second opinion from two MCR veterans please reach out at any time.

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