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Castle Academic Journal

The inaugural edition of the Durham Castle Journal is now live!


It is a student-led interdisciplinary project, created by the Castle MCR Academic Committee to showcase the research being conducted in University College. It features a mix of undergraduate and postgraduate work as well as from speakers at Durham Castle Conference 2021.

Papers address a variety of topics, including:
• Flood response policies in Mozambique.
• Newly developing techniques for observing distant planets capable of supporting life.
• The politics of graffiti in spaces of confinement and isolation.
• The medieval castle as a symbol of power (which is especially relevant to our college).

Whilst the journal is academic, its interdisciplinary nature means it has been designed with non-subject specialists in mind. It seeks both to celebrate the detailed and complex research undertaken at Castle and to share it across the divisions that all too often segregate academic disciplines.

We hope it can provide a snapshot of the current research undertaken in Castle at this transitional moment both globally and within our own academic community.

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