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Freshers' Week and Frextra Calendar

The Freshers' Week and Frextra programme provides a taster of what is to come for this brilliant year, and you can join a wide range of quality events, including welfare events, social events formals, balls and more. Castle also offers a wide array of sports teams and societies. In a nutshell, there is always something for everybody!

To sign up for events, please click here.  Some events have limited spaces so sign up soon to avoid disappointment!

This calendar is being updated progressively. We recommend you to also save a PDF copy here.

Please be noted that the events saved on your mobile calendar is based on the UK time zone (GMT+1).

Note: You must attend either the college online talks OR the college talks, AND matriculation.

Did you enjoy frextra and freshers’ week? Or do you wish to tell us how we can do better?

Please visit to tell us more what you think, so that we can enhance your college experience.

Disclaimer: Events may be changed in short notice due to operational reasons. Please consistently check our Castle MCR Freshers’ digital calendar and our social media platforms for the latest updates.

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